The Chronicle of Kockelsberg

Highly over the city Trier convenient, into the nature with an old oak existence embedded, has the Kockelsberg many Trierer and also guests bewitched. The hospitality former Kockelsberger did not help yard last and before one hundred years established "Restaurant Kockelsberg" to this call.

The designation Kockelsberg is not so rare, as one would like to assume first, and is on latin cuculus = moutain cone to lead back Kogel.

The yard property

The history of the Kockelsberges and the yard property there, highly over Pallien on the left-sided Moselberg, goes back far. In different printed reports it is communicated that this would have been devastated with the Normannensturm 883. Howerver an indication of source is missing and in such a way remains for the interested on only assumptions with these reports.

In the year 1332 the Kockelsberger emerges - yard as feudalism of the achbishop Balduin (1307 to 1357) first in the documents.
The son of the Bonifaz Rex, Bonifaz the older one ist mentioned for the first time 1268 than owners. 1386 are the yard still in the possession of family members of the knights of beautiful corners and from Wiltz. For instance at the beginning 16. Century is the yard property Kockelsberg into the property of the St. Jakobus of hospital arrive also at an earlier time owner families of members of the pc. Jakob US broter shank had been.
The St. Jakobusspital leased the Kockelsberg yard at farmer families, with built for the holy Franz Xaver ordained chapel on the Kockelsberg. The chapel stood on the housing estate of the today's Kockelsberg restaurant and became ramshackle in teh course of the time. The statue of the holy Franz Xaver financed from donations decorates the gabel of the new building for memory of this chapel.

Between 1774 and 1867 the yard property was opened to restaurant operator/barkeeper shank there several times leased to finally 1867 the economist Peter Lehnert, who became the central and starting point of the today's Kockelsberges.

The Lehnert restaurant operator/barkeeper shank

This restaurant operator/barkeeper shank was meeting place of the Trierer walker and not only by young humans was gladly visited, who invented the designation "Monte Coculli", but also guests appeared themselves like the attorney Dr. Christian Stoeck there, as well as some secondary school teachers and the desire to have on the Kockelsberg a health hotel.
When he decaesed to 12.06.1887, he bequeathed the united Hospitien to the owners of the Kockelsberg, to Trier a large part of its fortune with the edition in his will to build on the Kockelsberg a nursing center.

To the new Kockelsberg house is posed to 20.11.1890 and pleased from now on at one move host of visitors.

1927 gabve the family up Lehnert the yard and the nursing center. The traffic-moderate development of the Kockelsberges took place 1930 via the development of the road from the Bitburger Chausee to the nursing center. Until 1939 were led it by the married people Heinrich Castell and seized to 01.09.1939 by the army guidance. After the war the united Hospitien leased the hotel Kockelsberg at the Hotelier petrol man. 1979 acquired the Trierer buyer Johann earthling the entire messuage and introduced 1980 the planning of the change and extension of the house to modern requirements a corresponding hotel with catering trade under preservation of the monument-worth character of the building plants as well as the former yard property.

with accreditation from Rudolf M. Gall, part of "Chronik des Kockelsberges".